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The Fund’s focus in practice will be on non-recourse or limited-recourse infrastructure projects in Ghana with active treasury operations to safeguard the non-deployed capital of the Fund.  The focus investments will be:

  • Public or private infrastructure or infrastructure-related investments be it brownfield or greenfield that have received (or will receive prior to disbursement) the relevant approvals, permits, licenses and concessions from the relevant government agency;
  • Commercially viable infrastructure projects of state-owned enterprises will only be considered on an exceptional basis and in conjunction with the private sector;
  • Partnerships in infrastructure projects through strategic investment vehicles such as special purpose vehicles, joint venture or public-private partnership arrangements.

These projects are categorized into sectors and further classified in two main groups:

Economic infrastructure

  • Power: e.g. the generation, transmission and/or distribution of electricity, including rural electrification.

  • Transportation: e.g. fixed transportation infrastructure including toll roads, bridges, tunnels, light and heavy rail systems and railway equipment, airports (passengers and freight), ports and harbours, warehousing and bulk storage/handling facilities, which may include (but only as ancillary thereto) certain moveable assets.

  • Telecommunications, Media and ICT: e.g. the development and operation of (i) telephone services, cellular radio telephone services and other radio common carrier communications infrastructure, (ii) Internet and data provision infrastructure including fibre optic cables; (ii) telegraph, microwave and private communications networks, electronic mail and other emerging telecommunications technologies.

  • Agribusiness: e.g. Infrastructure to support the establishment and development of Agribusiness in Ghana across the whole value chain including production, processing, distribution and marketing.

  • Heavy industry: e.g. the development of industrial parks special economic zones, manufacturing hubs, specialized industries for example fertilizer production, cement production and motor vehicle assembly.

  • Oil and Gas: e.g. Exploration, development, Distribution and Storage of oil and gas products including downstream gas development.

  • Mining and associated services: e.g. exploration and development of mining assets, distribution and processing of products and rehabilitation of used mines.

  • Tourism: e.g. development and rehabilitation of tourism infrastructure including hotels, lodges, reservation and game parks.

Social infrastructure

  • Health: e.g. development of core medical infrastructure including hospitals and medical centres; capital intensive medical equipment and supporting infrastructures such as medical training schools

  • Education: e.g. schools at all levels (primary, secondary and tertiary), student and instructor accommodation, teacher training institutions, public research facilities

  • Administration and Security: e.g. Government offices, police stations and housing, courts, prisons, defence

  • Water/Waste Services: e.g. urban/rural fresh water production and treatment, supply and distribution, sanitation, solid waste disposal/collection and waste treatment, bulk water supply (water reservoirs, transfer schemes, dams and pipelines)

  • Social Housing: e.g. Housing projects for low income households, rural housing schemes, slum upgrading projects

  • Sports and cultural centres: e.g. Stadiums, leisure parks, public recreational facilities.