GIIF History


The Government  of Ghana, like many governments worldwide, is increasingly looking for mechanisms to close its infrastructure financing gap. Innovative approaches to infrastructure investment and finance will be critical to this success. The establishment of GIIF is one such innovative approach in catalyzing other sources of finance by leveraging its capital with private sector capital for financing infrastructure projects.

Powers of The Fund

The Fund shall have the power to:

  • Create sub-funds, affiliates or subsidiaries in any jurisdiction in furtherance of the object of the Fund.
  • Invest in, purchase, maintain, divest from, sell or otherwise realize assets and investments of any kind.
  • Borrow and raise money, on its own or in partnership with or through its affiliates, from domestic and international financial markets.


A permanent investment vehicle established by the Government of Ghana with US$ 345 million anchor equity to act as a catalyst to leverage private sector funds into infrastructure assets in Ghana.


“To leverage GIIF’s funds for the delivery of sustainable world-class infrastructure for Ghana”


“To facilitate the development of sustainable commercial infrastructure across multiple sectors and industries to accelerate economic growth”

Our Objectives

The object of the Fund is to mobilize, manage, coordinate and provide financial resources for investment in a diversified portfolio of infrastructure projects in Ghana. For the purpose of achieving the object of the Fund, the Fund shall engage in activities approved by the Board.

These include :

  • Undertaking investments for the development of infrastructure to promote economic growth and attract investors.
  • Grow the Fund for the purpose of financing the development of infrastructure within Ghana.

  • The management and investment of contributions made to the Fund.

  • The management of assets entrusted to the Fund.

  • Reinvesting into the Fund to generate returns, the profits and proceeds from the investment of moneys of the Fund.

  • Leverage the capital of the Fund by attracting investments through the domestic and international capital and financial markets.

  • Facilitate the provision of debt and equity financing for infrastructure in Ghana.

  • Ensure the provision of risk mitigation instruments related to investment and projects involving the Fund.

  • Ensuring in respect to its investment, the development of skills in infrastructure development, including project design, project management, financing and investment, consistent with the objective of the Fund.

  • Pursue the best possible financial returns on investments, having regard to internationally recognized best practices.

  • Achieve the object of the Fund.

Additional Features

1-Sub Funds

GIIF’s mandate gives it the ability to set up, invest and/or manage ring fenced sub funds.

  • Project Development Funds and

  • Specific fund for say Affordable Housing

2-Strategic Interventions

GIIF can undertake non cash generative, non profit strategic interventions separately funded so as not to affect GIIF’s profitability.

  • Advisory services for Government