Board Committee

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The Board of GIIF performs it functions through the Board level committees. These Committees have their tasks well defined, composed and structured. These commiittees deal with specific task. Currently the GIIF has four (4) Committees namely:

  • Investment & Finance Committee

  • Risk & Compliance Committee

  • Audit Committee

  • HR & Legal Committee

  • Ensuring that relevant credit risk assessments are considered as part of the transaction approval process.
  • Assessing investees and the quality of the due diligence performed
  • Managing the portfolio of existing investees
  • Managing any eventual divestment processes that is likely to take place
  • Controlling company budgets and annual accounts
  • Capital raising
  • Management of government funds
  • Treasury management
  • Approving credit risk limits and limit exemptions;
  • Reviewing credit and market risk and taking appropriate actions in response to issues identified, including limit changes;
  • Receiving and addressing reports of credit limit breaches
  • Monitoring in and outflows
  • Reviewing the Fund’s budgets, expenses, and accounts
  • Ensuring that the Fund operates an adequate Governance, Risk and Control systems
  • Ensuring and overseeing that financial reports meet IFRS and other requirements
  • Safeguarding assets of the Fund
  • Ensures that audit recommendations are implemented
  • Human Resource Management Monitoring
  • Recruitment
  • Compensation
  • Compliance