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GIIF has a two-tier governance structure namely Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors. The management headed by the Chief Executive Officer and officers of the Fund manages the day-to-day function of the Fund under the policy direction and programs approved by the Board. The Fund is incorporated as a body corporate or statutory corporation as per the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund Act, 2014, Act 877 with perpetual succession and a common seal and may sue and be sued. It has all other attributes and the powers of a body corporate. As a corporate body, it functions on the principles that govern well-managed entities as benchmarked against best practices of similar infrastructure funds. The governance structure adopted for GIIF is derived from its Act.


Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee shall advise the Board within the confines of national policy guidelines on infrastructure investment. The Committee shall, in the discharge of its duties, observe the independence of the Board.

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Board of Directors

The Governing Body for the Fund is a Board consisting of a Chairperson, the Chief Executive Officer of the Fund, and seven other persons.

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Board Commitee

The Board of GIIF performs it functions through the Board level committees. These Committees have their tasks well defined, composed and structured. These committees deal with specif task. Currently the GIIF has four (4) Committes namely: Investment & Finance Committee, Risk Management CommitteeAudit Committee and HR & Legal Committee.

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