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10 April

GIIF Flagship Investment in Industrial Infrastructure - GIDI

Various investors have approached Ghana’s Authorities with many proposals and ideas to partner Ghana to explore opportunities in infrastructure and industrial minerals processing.
There is special interest to integrate the existing aluminium smelter (VALCO) by mining and processing bauxite with salt and limestone into alumina. In view of its multiple linkages to infrastructure and the potential multiplier impact on the economy (including power, railways, roads, industrial parks, industrial salt, exports, aluminium products, etc) GIIF is now promoting the Ghana Industrial Development Initiative [GIDI] as its flagship project to stimulate the development of both infrastructure and industries in partnership with private sector investors. GIIF through GIDI will assist various government sector agencies to implement commercial private sector led projects in infrastructure (eg power, railways, ports, roads, etc) and both pure private sector as well as public private partnership (PPP) type industrial enclaves as the key components of the GIDI project. In order to maximise both the potential and government support for the private sector, most of the projects will be in bundles with the offtake capacity of identified ready-to-go industrial investments linked with on-going or private sector led infrastructure projects with government sector support. For example, a bundle may be facilitated through a package of industrial parks or estates as hubs contiguous to clustered mineral locations or distribution staging platforms where access to power and transportation already exists or is being developed or can be easily created to provide the necessary key inputs and gateways to markets and established supply chains.

Contact Address

GIIF can be reached at:

9th Floor, Accra World Trade Centre
Ridge Ambassadorial Enclave No. 29 Independence Avenue Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 24 648 2838

Fax: +233 302 631 1422 / + 233 30 263 1141


About GIIF

GIIF is a sovereign investment fund established by statute to lead, promote, facilitate, fund, and backstop the development of, and investment in, infrastructure. Development of industrial infrastructure in the context of accelerated economic growth will provide early opportunities that GIIF will now focus on.